Training at the Isis Ma’at Coven

Training involves becoming a witch and a magician through cultivating:

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

We teach Western Mysticism through a comprehensive curriculum of topics both theoretical and practical. These topics are presented over the course of 4 or more years, through initiations into 3 grades and include:

  • Meditation: Becoming comfortable with and accustomed to your true self
  • Wicca: How to practice, behave, and live like a divine being
  • Witchcraft: Developing wisdom (Perfect Trust) and compassion (Perfect Love) to help others in need
  • Qabalah: tools, symbols and correspondences of Western Mysticism

Here are some points you might like to know
about membership and training in the Isis Ma’at Coven:

  • Training and membership in the coven is free. There are no fees or dues.
  • Members must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Membership and training are by invitation only. Anyone can apply for an interview, by emailing us at the address found here: contact us. The interview will be held in a public place, such as a restaurant. The interview may or may not result in an invitation to join the coven and begin training.
  • All meetings and training classes are held in English only.
  • Ritual meetings are held in-person in the Yonge and Eglinton area of Toronto.
  • Training classes are held virtually, Thursday evenings, on Zoom.
    (Zoom is free software that allows a group to convene by computer over the Internet, in the comfort of their own home.)
  • A commitment to attending in-person Full Moon meetings and Sabbats is required. This means meeting once per month for a Full Moon, and in addition, once every 6 weeks or so for Sabbats.
  • A commitment to attending training classes via Zoom is also required. These will be held roughly once per week, excluding weeks where a Full Moon or Sabbat meeting is held. A class schedule will be provided, based on the needs and situation of accepted members.
  • A commitment of at least 1/2 hour per day for personal practice, meditation, and memorization is required.
  • A candidate for initiation must study and practice for at least one year and one day before qualifying for initiation.
  • There will be no personal spell-casting until the candidate has been initiated, however group work for spell-casting to help others in need are performed on each full moon. (This is to allow new and tender spell-casting powers to grow as a result of training before they are put to use.)
  • The Isis Ma’at Coven does not meet sky-clad (naked). Everyone wears a black, hooded, Tau Robe, like the ones available from Azoth Art. Members need such a robe but it does not have to be from Azoth Art. Azoth Art is mentioned here only as a convenience.
  • While considerable meditation, memorization, reading and practicing are expected of candidates, written exams are not employed. Instead, oral exams are used.